What Makes NFTs Game-Changers of the DeFi Space? The CEO of Sphynx Network Explains

  • Highly integrable and interoperable: It allows developers to build very complex smart contracts that are also Ethereum-compatible.
  • Supersonic speed: We are aware that a transaction needs topass throughmore blockchain confirmations before it can be completed. Confirmation’s purpose is to avoid double-spending by eliminating unauthorized transactions.
  • Low Transaction Expenses: In the blockchain environment, the words transaction fees and blockchain fees refer to the costs incurred by users when they conduct a transaction.
  • Increased Liquidity and Versatility: Similar to Ethereum’s ERC-20 standard, Binance Chain provides a platform for generating and displaying tokens that correspond to the Binance Chain’s BEP-2 token standard. Due to Binance’s status as a global exchange giant, users of the token will benefit from more liquidity and a broader variety of applications.



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Sphynx Network

Sphynx Network


The next generation of yield farming and liquidity mining will be introduced by Sphynx Network to Decentralized Finance Space.