FAQ — Sphynx Network

1. What is Sphynx Network?

Sphynx Network’s SPH is a decentralized token built on Solidity and operating on the Binance Network. The project is audited and secured by EtherAuthority, a notable and esteemed audit company within the crypto space.

2. What is the mission?

Sphynx Network aims to improve the fundamental nature of DeFi, using alchemy in blockchain technology. This will comply with the next generation of yield farming and liquidity mining by implementing NFT staking. Focusing to deliver an NFT fractional ownership marketplace and a blockchain based play-to-earn NFT game.

3. What are the use cases of SPH ?

-Staking Vaults — Stake your LPs and instantly get 5000 SPH every 3 seconds!

-NFT staking vaults — Become an Alchemist now, with a 5x to 10x reward multiplier

-NFT market place — Fractional ownership.

Collect them all or become a Sphynx breeder, sell them or use them to gain rewards!

-Play to Earn Blockchain Based Game

get in-game rewards in adventure mode or fight other users in combat arena to for SPH and BNB rewards.

4. Where is listed?

Pancakeswap — https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/#/swap?outputCurrency=0x8bac6b4af65c8c1967a0fbc27cd37fd6059daa00

1inch -https://app.1inch.io/#/56/swap/BNB/SPH

Latoken — https://latoken.com/exchange/SPHN_USDT

xt.com — https://www.xt.com/tradePro/sph_usdt

5. Are you listed on cmc and cg?





6. Can you stake $SPH using trust wallet/metamsak ?

Yes. https://www.sphynx.network/vaults , once connected.

7. How to stake SPH ?

Guidelines to farm $SPH

1. Like merging two chemicals in equal amounts, 50%/50%, SPH and BNB. If 500$ worth of SPH then 500$ worth of BNB. The outcome of their mixture is referred to as cake LP, cause of pancakeswap and it holds the value of your combined assets.

Add liquidity here:

2. The LPs are now in your wallet, head to vaults: https://www.sphynx.network/vaults find BNB/SPH vault, after connecting your wallet, click “stake BNB-SPH”, now you should be staking, drag the orange line right till the end of it and you should now be seeing how many LP tokens you own, now click deposit.

Congratulations! enjoy 5000 SPH each 3 seconds!

*SPH can be bought: https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/#/swap?outputCurrency=0x8bac6b4af65c8c1967a0fbc27cd37fd6059daa00

8. what are the rewards for staking?

5000 SPH every 3 seconds split among delegators based on their number and LP value.

9. Team founds locked?

🔒Funds Locked Dxsale here :


10. Is SPH deflationary?

initial 10 % burned, due to reflection, dead address is also a holder and absorbs part of the reflection, yes, SPH is a deflationary token.

11. Slippage?

It’s 12%

10% transaction fee split:

5% reflection — will be redistributed to existing holders based on their number and proportional to their equities in $SPH, a form of staking rewards, without actually staking but just for holding.

5% auto LP — will be redirected towards the liquidity pool to sustain the price, a defense against dumps.

12. Is the contract renounced?

Contract ownership not renounced and will never happen, as SPH is far from its final version. Sphynx Network delivers 4 main different uses case. There is a contract audit that answers to concerns.

13. Have been you audited?

✅ Contract audit here:


14. Is the liquidity locked?

🔒 Liquidity locked DxSale here :


15. Are the dev doxxed?


16. What are the tokenomics?


17. Sphynx Network International groups?


https://t.me/sphynxnetwork_TR 🇹🇷

https://t.me/SphynxNetwork_PT 🇵🇹

https://t.me/sphynxnetwork_SP 🇪🇸

https://t.me/sphynxnetwork_RO 🇷🇴

https://t.me/SphynxNetwork_CN 🇨🇳

https://t.me/SphynxNetwork_IN 🇮🇳

Check also website : https://www.sphynx.network/about



The next generation of yield farming and liquidity mining will be introduced by Sphynx Network to Decentralized Finance Space.

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Sphynx Network

The next generation of yield farming and liquidity mining will be introduced by Sphynx Network to Decentralized Finance Space.