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1 min readJun 5, 2022

Due to inactivity and lack of further development, for now we have decided the following.

After the first year we are doing a token split ( 2:1 ) (750 million tokens will become 350 million in supply, tokens will become twice as scarce but twice as valuable)

Pausing the project for 3 months, untill september.

Will switch to “sphynx society” from sphynx network.

New and better websites (main and minting dapp).

SPH will also be transformed in the governance token of the entire Sphynx Society Ecosystem.

NFT infrastructure will require liquidty to be moved to a new pool. Liquidity to be removed 5/6 12:00 UTC+3

A snapshot based on which everyone will be able to claim their sphynx society tokens.

Buy back sessions will start in september as well, as we need to upgrade an initial buffer for the NFT non custodial staking rewards.

Everyone needs to understand that progress is being made and that it requires a newer better version of SPHYNX SOCIETY that will not live in the shade of any other project alike. I am tired of seeing people looking for other projects in our community just because we got stuck in this Sphynx Network version.

Things will finally get to their concept form. Will update periodically and most of you are already watching my activity on socials.

I am here to stand for Sphynx Community even if i am building side projects that are actually fueling the development of Sphynx.

Thanks to everyone still invovled in this project! I won t let anyone down, that includes myself!



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