Alchemy in Blockchain, NFTs into the DeFi Space: Madalin from Sphynx Network

HackerNoon Reporter: Please tell us briefly about your. background.

Madalin Muraretiu(CEO-Sphynx Network): I am the CEO of. Sphynx Network, grew up in Bucharest – Romania where i have been understanding traditional markets and their cycles since 2011, trading and riding the waves on charts starting 2013. Spent the last 12 years around trading stocks, commodities, currencies and indices. I’ve been a business developer for different renowned trading companies around the world. i tasted the first time crypto back in 2016, as an investor and ever since i have been involved in the growth and development of crypto projects.

HackerNoon Reporter: What’s your startup called? And in a sentence or two, what does it do?

Madalin Muraretiu(CEO-Sphynx Network): It’s called Sphynx Network and it introduces the NFTs into the DeFi space.

We aim to improve the fundamental nature of DeFi, using alchemy in blockchain technology. This will comply with the next generation of yield farming and liquidity mining by implementing NFT staking. Focusing to deliver an NFT fractional ownership marketplace and a blockchain based play-to-earn NFT game.

HackerNoon Reporter: What is the origin story?

Madalin Muraretiu(CEO-Sphynx Network): First of all i have the cat, the sphynx :) it was easy to find the name and the face of the token. Being an investor in different projects, being up to date with what niche is mainstream in crypto, we have decided to marry DeFi with NFT, first i have been amazed by the technology geyser v2 from ampleforth that introduces a new and even more exciting standard: the “universal vault”.

Universal Vaults are a type of composable NFT standard that provide an interface for locking and unlocking tokens. It offers the users of the vaults a non-custodial staking alternative. It means that universal vaults allow users to increase their capital efficiency by allowing the possibility of subscribing their LP tokens across rewards programs, with different multipliers in rewards.

From this point we have developed the concept of fractional ownership NFT market place and the blockchain base play-to-earn NFT game, that will be the forth product of Sphynx Network.

HackerNoon Reporter: What do you love about your team, and why are you the ones to solve this problem?

Madalin Muraretiu(CEO-Sphynx Network): I work with very talented people, i get to learn new stuff from them every day. we are a not a big core team so business and personal life they mix each other into a perfect match and I can proudly say that we are all friends, if not family. Everyone is trying to improve themselves and we push boundaries and innovate on a daily basis. Despite being a handful of people in the core team, we work with people from all around the world and all age groups, diversity providing the different perspectives and skills to succeed.

HackerNoon Reporter: If you weren’t building your startup, what would you be doing?

Madalin Muraretiu(CEO-Sphynx Network): I guess most likely i would part of another team building someone else s project.

HackerNoon Reporter: At the moment, how do you measure success? What are your core metrics?

Madalin Muraretiu(CEO-Sphynx Network): At the time is progress, publication and adoption, we measure success based on organic traffic, worldwide expansion and delivering more than we promised on the roadmap.

HackerNoon Reporter: What’s most exciting about your traction to date?

Madalin Muraretiu(CEO-Sphynx Network): Great question – we are super happy that we have a healthy growth. Also, daily we see more and more usage of our staking program. With the NFT staking feature to be launched soon, we are confident that our traction will get a solid boost.

HackerNoon Reporter: What technologies are you currently most excited about, and most worried about? And why?

Madalin Muraretiu(CEO-Sphynx Network): I’m most excited about alchemy in blockchain, being able to stake an NFT once and unlock multiple rewards from different platforms simultaneously. Every way that NFTs can be used in DeFi, from NFT collateralized loans, to NFT staking and tokenized insurance, decentralized identity and

Behavior systems. I’m not really worried about any specific technologies, but maybe the way that some groups are using technologies, for example, censorship and control; which is why I’m excited about blockchain, because they will let people overcome powerful forces counter to liberty.

HackerNoon Reporter: What drew you to get published on HackerNoon? What do you like most about our platform?

Madalin Muraretiu(CEO-Sphynx Network): Hacker Noon is great at marrying the current state of technology with compelling angles on difficult topics. Since your content is from real tech professionals, the nuances of technology are detailed in an interesting and easily understood way.

HackerNoon Reporter: What advice would you give to the 21-year-old version of yourself?

Madalin Muraretiu(CEO-Sphynx Network): Don’t underestimate the value of setting clear, easily explained goals in helping your organization move more quickly. Make sure you invest the time so your goals are unambiguous and disseminated across the entire organization. It’s not rocket science, just hard work.

HackerNoon Reporter: What is something surprising you’ve learned this year that your contemporaries would benefit from knowing?

Madalin Muraretiu(CEO-Sphynx Network): You need to let go sometimes. And have fun too. I found that stressing over things doesn’t help at all. It’s worth it to have some quality time with yourself and the people you love as much as you can because things will keep on going even if you are not there 24/7.

The next generation of yield farming and liquidity mining will be introduced by Sphynx Network to Decentralized Finance Space.