A non-fungible token is only a one-of-a-kind digital asset. Bitcoin is fungible, which means that all bitcoins are identical and entirely interchangeable. A work of art is an example of a non-fungible token. I can have two identical works of digital art, yet each one is completely distinct. The next…

One of the most effective ways to appreciate DeFi’s potential is to first grasp the issues that exist now.

1. Certain individuals are denied the ability to open a bank account or utilize financial services.

2. Limited access to financial services contributes to individuals unemployment.

3. Financial institutions can deny…

Hey #SphynxGang🙋🏽‍♀️

‼️Today the distribution of the airdrop will be completed.

Please keep in mind:

1. Tokens will be transferred to the wallet you registered for the airdrop.

2. For any issues related to the token distribution, please contact. @iulliamd or @madalinsph on Telegram‼️

3. Distribution starts today 16:00 UTC

Today, i propose a weekend read :)

If we were to see the early evolution of information transfer since humanity used smoke to communicate and we d fast forward to the time when people used pidgeons to send messages to distant places, till the internet era, where information transfer was made almost instantly. …

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‼️All tasks are important!

‼️We need to join forces!

$SPH #SPHGANG #SphynxNetwork

1. What is Sphynx Network?

Sphynx Network’s SPH is a decentralized token built on Solidity and operating on the Binance Network. The project is audited and secured by EtherAuthority, a notable and esteemed audit company within the crypto space.

2. What is the mission?

Sphynx Network aims to improve the…

Hello #sphynxgang!

🔥The giveaway will be distributed today. (join t.me/SPH Gang to be notified of future giveaways)!! ️

‼️The distribution of airdrops begins next week.

Join to the party — t.me/sphynxnetwork

Hello #sphynxgang!

This is the list, the first 3 are the winners of the contest. The distribution of tokens will be done by the end of the month.

‼️Another contest will start soon! Stay tuned 🚀🔥


Sphynx Network

The next generation of yield farming and liquidity mining will be introduced by Sphynx Network to Decentralized Finance Space.

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